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National Tenant Network was started over 25 years ago by owners and property management professionals. They developed an entirely different screening methodology whereby not only the credit-worthiness of an applicant is determined, but also the tenant-worthiness. Every member of our team is focused on a single goal: to help owners and managers make the best leasing decisions possible time after time, without fail. NTN products and services and our outstanding personal service will protect your bottom line and maintain the integrity of your investment.

Tips for Successful Resident Screening


NTN-Indiana invoices on a monthly basis. There are no monthly minimums required nor any annual dues charged. We accept all major credit cards and provide online payments to your account. Please call NTN-Indiana for details and pricing.

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Fair Housing Institute

Safeguarding Personal Information


Safeguarding Personal Information

Fair Housing Institute

Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association (CIREIA)

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NTN-Indiana / Ohio
PO Box 361087
Indianapolis, IN 46236

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317-579-3520 (phone)
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877-579-3524 (toll-free fax)

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